Kickboxing for fitness

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If your looking for a way to burn over 800 calories an hour in a fun and

exciting way? Look no further MMA Institute in Richmond Va offers the

area’s first 30 day free trial and 60 day money back guarantee to try

Kickboxing out, and see why so many fitness enthusiests rave over the benifits

and keep coming back for more because it is so fun. Muay Thai kickboxing is

also a great selfdefense art, so not only is it a fun calorie burning activity

you are actually learning and engaged in every class. MMA Institute and

fitness offers classes for all levels including the brand new begginer.

Kickboxing in Richmond Va

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Muay thani kickboxing

Muay thai kickboxing classes in Richmond va

MMA Institute $1,000 best training guarantee

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MMA Training

MMA Institute is the premier and best training facility for mixed martial arts in the state of Virginia. We are so confident about this FACT we are offering a best training guarantee! If you can find a better and more succesful mixed martial arts school with more experienced and top notched instructors we will pay you $1,000 cash! We pride ourselves in providing safe friendly training for all levels. From the total beginner, to the high level MMA professional. Unfortunately there are many schools that are not qualified and have false credentials and pray on the uninformed potential student. That is another reason we offer this guarantee along with a FREE 30 day trial so anyone can try our world class facility at no risk and see for themselves why we are the best.

Kickboxing for fitness and self defense

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If you are looking for a fun way to workout then look no further than kickboxing classes in Richmond Va.

BJJ and fitness

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way to get in shape. If you are in the Richmond area of Virginia you should stop by the MMA Institute. They offer some of the best BJJ training around. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu commonly referred to as BJJ is widely considered one of the most effective martial arts in the world and is particularly effective for women and people of smaller statute because of its reliance on leverage over strength. It works all aspects of fitness from flexability to strength and cardio.